Fuck Yoga

“Dreck in die Wunde” (Dirt in the Wound), is a series of living and transformative sculptures. It is characterised by novel processing techniques of growing substrates and is symbolic of the human body with all its vulnerable sides.


This series is created by casting trash into ecological resin, polymergips, and uses found materials.


Dreck- Rubbish, filth, dirt, mud, grime, mess, muck, muckiness, smut, scruffiness, gunk, soil, scandal.

Falling Plant Wall

The plant-wall is falling down! Things aren’t as they appear. On this very old wall, was covered in a viney plant, that appears to be falling down.


In a glass case, a princess appears to be in a magical in a magical sleep. On closer inspection, you fall into a bottomless whole. Was this the princess you set out to save or will she get you in the end? Welcome to the “The Grand Quest of Stairs”!


The staircase is an idyllic little spot on the Danube. Your narrator, a talking bear gives strange advice. Start your search! “The Grand Quest of Stairs” begins!

Umbrellas Waiting Room
As a public intervention, the waiting room in the Bahnhof Wollishofen was filled with hundreds of colourful umbrellas. It was a temporary intervention lasting one day.
Holy Water
The humidifier blew a constant stream of thick humid air, which was lit from above with a spot light. It was a part of the exhibition Mond und Galle, Galerie Kurt im Hirsch, Berlin, Germany
Playing God
These tomato plants were from an industrial hydroponic growing center. Installed in the chapel of Mariakapel/Maria Chapel Hoorn, Netherlands
Tea Room
This was an exhibition in a gallery that has a layout of an old apartment. Each room represented different aspects of the artist’s dream home. This particular room was created to drink tea with visitors. The unusal event of a tea-seramony taking place in a gallery, caused guests to pause and become participents in this art work. The cealing was lowered, hiding the source of light. Creating a very particular atmosphere.
‘Kopf’ in German is the word for head, meaning this temporary installation is titled ‘head of lettuce.’ It humorously displays the artist’s strong craving for familiarity that bringing together production, excess produce and a deterioration of domestic life.
Sunflower garden
Sunflowers were grown inside and placed outside in the snow covered allotment. A statement about the absurdity of human consumption and nature’s will. Weimar, Germany
Tree Box
21.5 x 39 cm A part of the exhibition tittled Fighting the Urge to Pray at Kunstraum Winterthur (Cabinet) Winterthur, Switzerland
Fighting the Urge to Pray
Documentation of the works shown in the Cabinet of Kunst Raum Winterthur. They were created from everyday materials, the work narrates small moments where things don’t last and examines what’s left behind. There is an inherent fragility and dark playfulness in the work. Fighting the Urge to Pray Kunst Raum Winterthur, Switzerland
This plaster cast was cast as one solid piece. Edition of 3
TODO ! test title !
These gummi doorknobs and keys were placed on barricaded doors on buildings in Leipzig around the neighbourhood of Lindenau. It was part of the group exhibition “Lindenau Now.”
Flour Spoons
5 silver spoons balanced on mounds of flour.
Potter Row
This was an installation placed in a very public, high foot traffic area in an pedestrian underpass called Potter Row. Plastic bags collected around the neighbourhood were this installation took place. This plastic bag quilt was cut into small pieces and stuck together with thinned Latex.

My work explores the moments when the borders between public and private, religious and artistic, physical and impermanent are blurred. I marvel at subtleties of light, as it is transformed through optical phenomena. Movement in cycles and through chaos intrigues me as I compare the mechanical with the natural world. Everyday, I am fascinated with the correlation between art and life; life and beauty; beauty and breath.

Currently living and working in Berlin

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